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Airdata Training Course (Aircert)

Airdata Training Course

This course covers the enterprise version of Airdata, and specifics on the RMUS Fleet Management Software. The course is broken out in to short sections, where you can follow along with the video and mimic the instructions in your own Airdata account.

1. Adding and Managing Pilots
2. Installation
3. Maintenance
4. Analyzing a Flight
5. Alerts
6. Building and Editing Checklists
7. Building a Report Template
8. Creating a Maintenance Report
9. Creating a FAA COA Report
10. Organizing Flights
11. Searching Flight Logs
  • Video: Introduction
  • Video: Adding and Managing Pilots
  • Quiz: Adding and Managing Pilots
  • Video: Installation
  • Quiz: Installation
  • Video: Maintenance
  • Quiz: Maintenance
  • Video: Analyzing a Flight
  • Quiz: Analyzing A Flight
  • Video: Alerts
  • Quiz: Alerts
  • Video: Building and Editing Checklists
  • Quiz: Building and Editing Checklists
  • Video: Building a Report Template
  • Quiz: Building a Report Template
  • Video: Creating a Maintenance Report
  • Quiz: Creating a Maintenance Report
  • Video: Creating a FAA COA Report
  • Quiz: Creating a FAA COA Report
  • Video: Organizing Flights
  • Quiz: Organizing Flights
  • Video: Searching Flight Logs
  • Quiz: Search Flight Logs
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever